Lomo LC-Wide vs LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens / Camera Comparison

At the end of May 2011, Lomography launched a branch new camera – the Lomo LC-Wide. It is an updated version of their existing LC-A+ with one major new feature – a massively wide 17mm lens. I’ve always been a fan of ultra-wide lenses so knew that I had to have this camera one day!

I already have a Wide Angle Lens attachment for my LC-A+ so I was interested to see how the new LC-Wide compares. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the new LC-Wide camera and Lomo LC-A+ & Wide Angle lens. I’ve also included shots with the LC-A+ to show just how wide the Wide Angle Lens and LC-Wide are.

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Bristol Harbour Festival – 2011

Bristol Harbour Festival is a massive event that takes over the whole of Bristol’s harbour area. This year marked the 40th anniversary of the festival. Hundreds of colourfully decorated boats, navy ships, tallships and narrowboats fill the harbour. The surrounding areas are packed with stalls, music, theatre, fairgrounds and other activities.

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Wow! Gorillas – Bristol Sculpture Trail

There are currently 57 large decorated gorilla sculptures lurking in and around the streets of Bristol. Sixty gorillas are involved in the trail, but three are quite a long way out of town, including one 85 miles away in Birmingham. I don’t think we’ll be getting them unless they return one day!

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Derelict Military Barracks

On the outskirts of Bath, one of the UK’s most popular tourist cities lies this crumbling derelict military barracks. It opened in the 1940s and closed over 50 years later in 1993. A few years ago there was “news” that the site would be converted into retirement homes – nothing seems to have happened with that plan though.
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Royal Bath & West Show – 2011

The Royal Bath & West Show is one of the west-country’s premier rural/agricultural shows, and a jolly fun day out.

We went along and saw all sorts of things including farm animals (including alpacas), machinery, vehicles, steam-powered fairground rides, terrier races (the highlight as always), rural crafts, army displays and yummy food (such as traditional kangaroo and ostrich burgers).

The biggest spectacle this year was the “Monti Show” – a German chappie who climbs to the top of a 60m high mast and balances on top of it on one foot! Crazy!
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Fireworks Multiple Exposures

This is one of my most successful multiple-exposure experiments to date. During 2009 I shot a roll of film at a local fireworks display (and some fairground amusements that were also there) using my Lomo LC-A. Towards the end of 2010 I shot over it in my Lomo LC-M. I used Kodak Ektachrome E100VS film (also known as Elitechrome EBX) – reknowned for it’s vivid colours when cross-processed. The results were amazing. Continue reading Fireworks Multiple Exposures

Star-Bokeh Multiple Exposures

This is a great technique for doing multiple-exposures.

First of all, I shot a roll of film through my SLR using a custom bokeh mask. The basic idea behind the mask is that it changes the out-of-focus areas from standard circle-ish shapes to fancy shapes such as stars, faces, hearts etc. It works particularly well in dark situations with lots of lights in the background. Here is a great tutorial on how to create your own custom masks.

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Konica Minolta Centuria 800 negative film

When I first started (re)shooting film, one of the very first cameras I was given was a “disposable” Konica WaiWai. This crazy little super-wide lens camera came loaded with a fast Konica Centuria 800 film. Unfortunately Konica has stopped making films a few years ago so it’s no longer available, but occassionally you can find them in markets or internet auctions.

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During October we visited Brighton. The main aim of our trip was to visit some exhibitions for the Brighton Photo Biennial and Brighton Photo Fringe. We only saw a handful of exhibitions – most of them were shut on Monday (we should’ve checked times when we arrived on Sunday!). Three exhibitions stood out and inspired me – two were some night photos by Argentinian artists (link) and another was a typology of 1950s/1960s litter bins! (link).
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