The Canon EOS100F is an entry-level 35mm film SLR. This camera won't appeal to everyone, and may not conform to the Lomography 'rules' - except "#10 - break the rules"! I have fun with it, and that's the main thing :)

The great thing about it is that it uses all the lenses I have for my digital SLR.

It doesn't have many features you can change the exposure time & aperture. And not much else (unless of course I haven't found them). One major annoyance is that the settings reset if you flip between modes. There's one auto-focus point. And it feels a bit clunky. I'm not whining though I've taken some of my favorite film photos with this camera.

The best feature of this camera is that it has a setting to take multiple exposures. Everyone knows that multiple-exposures are awesome.

With the recent launch of the Diana SLR Adapters, it would be silly not to get an SLR. These cameras can be found on the auction sites, and are very cheap now everyone who previously used them are upgrading to digital good news for Lomographers!